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Privateer – The Security Division also known as Privateers due to their multi-faceted nature, they are called into action for both defensive and offensive purposes. They defend our shipments, shops and S&R teams, they strike at elements where mutual understanding is simply not possible and prove to be disruptive to our business, such as Vanduul or XenoThreat forces, be it with ships, ground vehicles or as infantry.


Recovery – Emergency Response Division consists of personnel both carrying search and rescue operations and recovery operations. Due to many unpredictable elements present in being the first line to head into the unknown situations, this division is highly in coordination with Privateers. While they have knowledge of basic first aid and patient stabilization should the need arise, this division lacks training and equipment to fulfill a full Medical division’s purposes.


Scavenge – Scavenge Division is responsible for all processes involving stripping a derelict of valuables, such as recycleable material, repairable or valuable components, reuseable fuel and superstructure cleanup. Despite their primary purpose being deconstruction, they are also adept at maintenance and construction.


Mercantile – Mercantile Division is all about running our shops, buying from bulk suppliers when our own supply capabilities are not enough and selling our stocks when there is demand. They can also be found doing traditional cargo freight through the ‘Verse.


Engineering – Engineering Division is a newly formed division in late 2953 forming out of Scavengers Division as new ways to construct and maintain items of all sizes has been made available to citizens and small corporations. From acquisition of a size 0 shield blueprint to construction of gargantuan planetary outposts, Engineering Division oversees all construction, blueprint acquisition and research needs of Glaciem Interplanetary.



Chief Director - Equalivent of CEOs in a traditional corporate structure, forms and leads Board of Directors within Glaciem Interplanetary, overseeing all major decisions taken.

Director - Equalivent of XOs, they are part of Board of Directors within Glaciem Interplanetary, aiding the CEO in Glaciem Interplanetary's macro-level operational integrity.

Coordinator - While they are not part of Directorate, Coordinators ensure communications are conducted as intended and cohesion is maintained across all communication platforms used by GIRM.

Division Leader - Commanding primary four branches of GIRM, they form a bridge between Contractors, Employees and Directors.

Employees and Contractors - They form the backbone of GIRM and carry out tasks in micro-level. As the most numerous ranks within GIRM and having first-hand experience the field, these ranks are what GIRM depends on to get the operations done.

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