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Founded in November 2952 at Glaciem Ring, Nyx, Glaciem Interplanetary Recovery & Mercantile started it's Journey as an A'Care Mining & Reclamation Subsidiary...

Glaciem Interplanetary Recovery & Mercantile (GIRM) started its journey as an A'care Mining & Reclamation subsidiary in late 2952. Founded by Michael Richards, GIRM was established to operate mobile and static marketplaces throughout Nyx and beyond, conduct or support emergency response, search and rescue and salvage operations.

GIRM’s starting endeavors were to sell excess equipment stock acquired from underground facility security assistance contracts and providing emergency response services for citizens in distress. Thanks to Michael’s former successful career in several organizations and funds accumulated over time, GIRM was able to rent small sections in HEX installations carved in larger asteroids found within Glaciem Ring as static, small warehouses. Official contact with Levski mining colony was established and the transactions of goods and credits began in a matter of days, with repurposed transport ships as mobile, makeshift marketplaces in the low orbit of Delamar.

Once supply was sustainable by GIRM and there were enough demand for goods at the initial scale they operated, a branch office was opened at Stanton IV (MicroTech, New Babbage) for ease of conducting business within Stanton and GIRM began equipment and cargo recovery services. The nature of expanding from Nyx to Stanton so quickly also necessitated contracting mercenaries and freelancers initially to escort couriers through Pyro and popular hotspots within Stanton to alleviate the lack of manpower, however mercenaries were not a reliable permanent solution, thus GIRM also started to form an in-house security force with training and equipment provided. Today GIRM functions with five divisions of varying capabilities and resources: Mercantile, Emergency Response, Security, Scavenge, Tertiary Operations. Over the course of its growth, GIRM has joined multiple joint ventures and formed multiple partnerships, as well as joining Tau Alliance by signing Treaty of Levski in August 2953.

GIRM always seeks to recruit more civilians and citizens from all walks of life, from aspiring merchants to navy veterans and expand its operations beyond Nyx-Stanton corridor.

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